• corporate

Corporate Directors and Officers Personally Liable for Insufficient Insurance Coverage, D&O-Insurace counts

The verdict from the German Higher Regional Court in the city of Kiel dated February 26, 2024, Case No. 16 U 93/23, casts a spotlight on the essential duties of corporate management within the framework of operational risk prevention and insurance management.


  • tax

Inbound investment to Germany – spotlight on three selected aspects

Insights into foreign investments in Germany with a focus on convertible loan agreements, tax updates according to the Growth Opportunities Act 2024 and transformative effects of the MoPeG


  • commercial

Jurisdiction agreement and private autonomy

In a decision of February 8, 2024 in Case C- 566/22 – Inkreal s.r.o. ./. Dúha reality s. r. o., the ECJ ruled on the admissibility of a choice of court agreement.